Video: Eastpointe Woman Gets a $385 Ticket for Talking too Loudly on Phone on Her Block

May 31, 2021, 8:28 AM

An Eastpointe woman says police issued a $385 ticket for talking too loudly on her phone and being a public nuisance while walking on her street, Fox 2 reports. She says the incident last Thursday is racially motivated.

Diamond Robinson, who is Black, says a new white neighbor approached her on Crushing Street and said:

'Do you think that you can get off your phone or talk lower.'

 "And I said 'Get out of my face,' and I proceeded to walk past her. She is saying whatever she is saying,  three minutes later, Eastpointe police pulls up."

She videotaped the conversation with police. "I'm not doing anything wrong by walking up and down the street talking on my phone," Robinson said in the video.

While she recorded the encounter, police wrote her a ticket.

"I get a ticket for being a public nuisance because I'm talking too loud on my phone," she said in the video. "That's why I got a ticket?"

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