Gallery: See how Detroit rolls, dribbles and hustles harder at new downtown 'Midway'

May 31, 2021, 11:11 AM by  Alan Stamm

Featured_evan_green_ig_48966The free attraction near Cadillac Square is open daily. Nine more views are below.
(Photo: Instagram/Evan Green)

Downtown's freshest scene is instantly popular and ideally Instagramable, with about four dozen posts its first weekend.

The people magnet is Monroe Street Midway, a spring and summer playground for all ages. Bedrock Detroit opened it Friday at a site cleared for future development. It has four basketball half-courts, an area for handball or pickleball, a roller rink, picnic tables with umbrellas, a concession stand, dazzling murals and a barbecue food truck at its edge.

Entry is free; skating is $10 for a few hours ($3 skate rentals are available).

"It's been over 20 years since I’ve put on roller skates," visitor Evan Green posts Sunday with the photo above. "Love seeing black-owned businesses [RollerCade] thriving in the city. Shoutout to talented artists Sheefy McFly and Phillip Simpson for the dope artwork that brought the space to life."

Opening weekend featured a stilt walker and a pair of costumed characters with mirrored balls over their heads in Daft Punk space disco style, shown in the third photo below.

Come Play Detroit runs the free sports courts, with equipment available at no charge from noon-9 p.m. daily on a first-come basis through late September.

The roller rink opens at noon daily and shuts at 9 p.m. Sunday–Wednesday and at 11 p.m. Thursday–Saturday. Walk-ins are welcome or times can be booked.

An afternoon family-outing scene gives way to a club-like vibe after dusk.

Bedrock offers free four-hour parking validation for anyone making a purchase. The site next to Cadillac Square (map below) is in part of the footprint for the company's Monroe Street Blocks project, a two-block plan for offices, shops, restaurants and entertainment.

These are among early visitors' tagged shots at Instagram:

Joey Rhode sees something he hasn't experienced before.

(Photo: Mark Wallace)

Belly of the Beast Barbecue is alongside the midway as the first in a series of food trucks. (Photo: Meghan Haynes)

Brooke Burks, 13 (right), came with her friend Emily. (Photo: Ariane Burks)

(Photo: Mark Wallace)

(Drone photo: Bedrock Detroit)

(Graphic: Rock Media)


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