It's official: Detroit Mayor Duggan is marrying Dr. Sonia Hassan

June 29, 2021, 8:27 PM

You can scratch all those "a woman he was rumored to be in a relationship with" phrases from stories about Mayor Mike Duggan and Dr. Sonia Hassan. It's official: They're an item, and they're getting married. 

Dr. Sonia Hassan and Mayor Mike Duggan

The Michigan Chronicle reports it's "pleased to announce," like they're family or something, that: 

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Dr. Sonia Hassan have recently become engaged to be married. Dr. Hassan is Associate Vice President and Founder of the Office of Women’s Health at Wayne State University. “Sonia and I couldn’t be happier and we’re looking forward to building our lives together,” Duggan said. The two intend to be married in a small family ceremony at a date to be set this fall.

And that is literally the extent of the story. But it's accompanied by what looks to be an engagement photo, so we'll take them at their word. (The engagement was later confirmed to media by a city spokesman.)

The relationship between the two became widely known in 2018, after local businessman Bob Carmack rented a truck with video screens attached, and sent them to circle downtown while showing surveillance video of Duggan driving to and entering what appeared to be Hassan's condo in the suburbs. Duggan was married at the time, but later finalized his divorce from Mary Loretto Maher. The two have four adult children, and officially split in September 2019. 

Duggan has continued to live in the Manoogian Mansion, the official mayoral residence. 

Read more:  Michigan Chronicle

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