Collectible Faygo? Sold-out Firework flavor is a big-bucks oddity on eBay

July 01, 2021, 8:09 AM

Scarcity spurs silliness -- it's a basic law of economics. Fresh proof bubbles up as a limited edition Faygo flavor turns a beverage into a presumed valuable. 

Auction listings Thursday on eBay

Firework Bomb Pop, introduced three weeks ago and now sold out in stores, is on eBay for up to $20 per 24-ounce bottle and as much as $250 for a case of two dozen.

There are 31 listings, including other cases for $180 (from a Detroiter), $198 (Detroit again) and $230 (from Canton).  

The temporary flavor features cherry, blue raspberry and lime flavors designed to resemble the red, white and blue popsicles that are summer classics.

Faygo, based in Detroit since tells Eater Detroit that Firework will be on the production line this week and that a 20-ounce bottle will supplement the slightly larger size.

The company said it intended the flavor to be a limited release, but is considering making it a permanent flavor based on consumer demand.


When a New Faygo Flavor Drops, Detroit Media Coverage Bubbles Over the Top, June 7

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