Marble Bar in Detroit, citing Delta variant, will require proof of vaccination

July 26, 2021, 8:23 PM

Marble Bar, a popular New Center-area spot for live music and events, is imposing its own form of vaccine passport. 

In a social-media post, its management announced Monday afternoon:

The Delta variant has proven to be more resilient against the vaccine and more transmissible in all environments. As an establishment aiming to bring people close together, we feel it is our duty to limit transmission and proliferation of Covid-19 in any way possible so that the party can continue.

Door staff will require either a vaccination card or an image of one on a phone, with a name matching a current ID. A negative Covid test will also be accepted.  

The new policy takes effect Friday at the Holden Street hangout. A reader comments on Reddit: "Now I can use my vaccination ID for something other than receiving a $10 off coupon at Meijer."


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